Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My favorite large flower headbands.$8.00.Number 1 is a beautiful peachy orange tone on a beautiful orange band, 2 has a white band with black polka dots and will match a number of things, number three is fastened to hot pink fishnet tights(soooo cute!), number 4 is white with brown(you can't really see,but it is chocolate brown microfiber tights) and number 5 is a multi-color match anything flower attached to a white band.These bows will fit any size head.

These are the large bows and are $8.00.The flowers are aprox. 3 to 5 inches accross and look adorable on everyone!They are also fastened to luxury tights with rhinestones in the middle.Number 5(the purple-blue) has a bead with white polka dots.

Here are my favorite small flower headbands.They will fit EVERYONE!These cute flowers are aprox.1 1/2 to two inches accross and are fastened securely to luxury tights.They have a cute little rhinestone in the middle and cost $5.00.(from left to right number from 1-10)

These are magnet clips that don't slip out of their hair.They really work great and cost $5.00

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Here we are!Bow posts are coming this week so make sure and check back.